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3 Characteristics of Repentance

Apr 12, 2015, Author: Keith Wilson

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REVIEW the details:

– What’s happening here with God and Jonah and this huge fish is not God being mean to Jonah, it’s mercy.
– God isn’t paying Jonah back, He’s bringing Jonah back.
– It’s not until Jonah has been inside the fish for 3 days that he’s finally willing to face God.

REPENTANCE – 3 Characteristics:

1) Repentance is recognizing the futility of life without God.
– Jonah is realizing it’s better to be united with God even in
the belly of a whale than it is to be on dry land without Him.

2) Repentance is recognizing the emptiness of Idols.
– All sin ultimately begins with idolatry.
– Anything in your life than you are willing to sin in order to
get, that’s an idol.
– Whatever you prize the most, you pursue the hardest.

3) Repentance is recognizing salvation comes from the LORD.
– I’ll never have to feel totally hopeless, with the chains of
sin wrapped around my head, feeling like the prison bars of
rebellion are closing in around me because at the cross Jesus defeated the sting of sin and satisfied the wrath of God on my behalf.