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Foundations: Part One

Jul 7, 2014, Author: Pastor Keith Wilson

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Foundations: Part 1                                           July 6, 2014    

“Why the Bible?”

“Jesus replied, ‘Are you not in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God?’”   Mark 12:24

Why do we need to know and use the Bible as Christians?

1) God’s Word is powerful

Romans 1:16  

-The fact that God has appointed His Word to be uniquely powerful means thatGod’s Word can do what nothing else can.
– The fact that the Bible contains a message that is the very power of God means that the Gospel should be at the heart of everything we teach.

2) God’s Word is useful

2 Timothy 3:16-17

-The result of using God’s Word is that it equips us. It moves us towards maturity and good works.
-This is one reason we MUST be committed to teaching God’s Word and not man’s opinion.

3) God’s Word is effective

Isaiah 55:11

-The fact that God’s Word is effective means that we don’t have to wonder whether or not what we are teaching is going to work in people’s lives.

*Closing Thoughts:

What you can expect from me:

-Thorough study and prep
-Biblical, methodical teaching
-I will pray for you
-You can expect me to mess-up

What I’m asking of you:

-Extend grace when I mess-up
-Don’t forget your brain
-Please, pray for me!
-Open communication