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Home for Christmas: “Evangelism at Home: Part 1”

Dec 21, 2014, Author: Pastor Keith Wilson

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1) Devotedly

– As believers, we should “Seahawk Fan” devotion when it comes to praying for people to respond to the gospel.

2) Watchfully

– Satan is so convinced of the power of prayer that he tries to convince us that prayer is boring, unimportant, and ineffective.

3) Thankfully

– We can pray with thankfulness and confidence because we know that God loves us and works for our good.


1) Pray for those on the front lines

– I encourage you to pick a few of those on the front lines of evangelism that you do know and pray for them consistently.

2) Pray for open doors

– There is a distinct correlation between hearing the gospel and believing the gospel (Romans 10:17).

3) Pray that the mystery of Christ would be made clear

– The gospel is not a mystery because it is confusing or obscure like a tricky riddle, it’s a mystery because God chose to save the world from the consequence of sin using a means that we would never have guessed on our own.