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Home for Christmas: “Evangelism at Home: Part 2”

Dec 28, 2014, Author: Pastor Keith Wilson

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-“Be wise” (verse 5) means living skillfully, living intentionally so as to accomplish a specific task or purpose.
-We are called by God to be the irrefutable evidence of the hope and joy and peace that Christ brings.

How Do I Live Skillfully?

1) Make the most of every opportunity

-Life is a series of never-to-be-repeated opportunities.
-Whether it’s on course with what you planned or you’re currently on a detour, every hour of your life brings a situation that can either be used for eternity or missed.

2) Salty speech

-When we talk about God, when we tell stories of his faithfulness, we should be careful to season our conversations with grace. We should speak about Christ in such a way that people walk away wanting more, not being relieved that the conversation is over

3) Individual attention

– The gospel is the same, and Christ is the same, but “living skillfully” includes knowing how to address the different people and situations that life brings.

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