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Home for Christmas – “The Mess”

Dec 7, 2014, Author: Pastor Keith Wilson

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The Mess

– Jesus and the disciples cross the Jordan into the region of the Gerasenes (an “unclean” place)
– They are met by a violent, demon-possessed guy who lives in the graveyard (an “unclean” man)
– To top it all off, the nearby village contains several thousand pigs (an “unclean” animal)

3 Simple Truths about Life from Mark 5

1) You’re a mess
– The Bible teaches us that we’re not just a little disheveled, we’re all in deep trouble. We’re all a HUGE mess because of sin.
2) The whole world is a mess
– The fact that all of us are a mess results in our whole world being a mess.
3) Jesus came to clean up our mess because we can’t
– The Gospel is the power of God applied to ALL of life’s problems.