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4 Principles of Godly Leadership

Sep 14, 2014, Author: Pastor Keith Wilson

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Intentional: Part One. September 14, 2014

1) Humility

-Paul chooses to identify himself in only 2 ways:

  • Servant
  • Apostle (“messenger”)

-1 Peter 5:5

2) Submission to the Lordship of Christ

– If you’ve never made a conscious and specific decision to r submit your life to Jesus Lordship…then Jesus may be your example, he may be your inspiration, he may even be your helper, but he is NOT your savior.

3) Commitment to making disciples

-Godly leaders are committed to obeying Jesus words in
Matthew 28.
-Godly leaders make disciples right where they are at.

4) Godly leaders are all about the gospel

-Of the 4 principles, this is the most defining characteristic of Godly leaders.


1) Purge pride from your life this week.
2) Decide where God is calling you to lead, and begin applying these 4 principles.