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The Exceeding Value of Self-Control

Nov 16, 2014, Author: Pastor Keith Wilson

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The central message of Titus 2:6-8: Self-Control

Verse 6: Be self-controlled
Verse 7: Give young men an example of self-control by doing what is good.
Verse 8: Teach with integrity, conviction, and soundness (all of these require self-control)

2 Questions to Ask During “The Pause”

1) Is this helpful?
– Will it help me to fulfill the purpose for which I was created?
– Will it “build up” my marriage?
– Will it help point my children to their Savior?
– Will it help people see Jesus in me?

2) Will this enslave me?
– Will I become addicted to this habit or behavior?
– Am I already enslaved to this?


remember: Christian self-control is not ultimately about bringing our bodily passions under our own control, but under the control of Christ by the power of His Spirit.

2 Obvious Statements to Ponder

1) Slavery is dangerous
2) Freedom is awesome