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What We Were

Feb 15, 2015, Author: Keith Wilson

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“At one time we too were…”

What it does NOT say:

Mark 12:13-17
-Paul does not say “Now, repeat after me…”
“If we confuse the gospel with response to the gospel, we will drift from what keeps the gospel on the ground, what makes it clear and personal, and the next thing you know, we will be doing a bunch of different things that actually obscure the gospel, not reveal it.” ~Matt Chandler

-Paul does not prescribe modified behavior
-Before the gospel tells you how to behave, it tells you who
to behold.

What it DOES say:

1) Foolish: “Ignorant” or “warped”
-John 3:19, Romans 1:21, Jonah 4:11
“Our heart curved inward on itself instead of being curved outward toward God.” ~Martin Luther

2) Disobedient

3) Deceived
– Because of sin, our hearts were in such sad condition that we were susceptible to deception.

4) Enslaved
– Our separation from God creates a void in our hearts, leaving us to depend on finite resources to provide our yearning hearts with the infinite riches of Christ.

5) Living in Malice and envy…