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What’s My Responsibility as a Believer? – Younger Women

Nov 9, 2014, Author: Pastor Keith Wilson

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5 Instructions for Younger Women from Titus 2


1) Love your children and husband

-This means that you invest the time sweat and tears necessary to make your house a home.
-This means that that you seek to glorify God in the way that only a woman can.
-This means that you affirm the leadership of your husband because you trust God unconditionally

2) Be self-controlled and pure

3) Be “busy at home”

“Do not believe the lie that you will be or are inferior if you choose to live according to the Bible’s instruction. Know that, in light of eternity and with a right view of reality, you are greatly to be praised and celebrated.”

4) Be “inherently good” (Gk: agathos)

-This is only possible by responding to the gospel
– Be inherently good by believing that Christ has become your righteousness, Romans 8:10

5) Be “subject to your husband”

– To even begin to understand what it means to submit to your husband in the Biblical sense you have to start with Christ and the church.
– Christianity is the only major “religion that actually elevates women and calls for men to protect and love women.
-Galatians 3
-Ephesians 5